Judicial Dialogues & Cooperation

GBCC leads the way on coordinating UK judicial engagement with China, acting as the partner of choice for both the UK Supreme Court as well as the Chinese Supreme People’s Court, guiding the development of increasing judicial cooperation between the UK and China. Central to this work is the UK-China Judicial Roundtable, which brings together senior judges from both countries to develop better understanding of each other’s systems, sharing experience and best practice. Vice-President of China’s Supreme People’s Court Jing Hanchao has praised the quality of the discussions at this Roundtable, describing it as one of the most useful overseas meetings he had attended in any country.

GBCC also works with the Supreme People's Court and local courts in China to strengthen the professionalism and independence of judges. Over 14 years, GBCC’s work in this area has contributed to the creation of a country-wide network of UK-trained judges in China. Many alumni of our training programmes have been promoted to very senior positions since returning to China, and continue to be an excellent source of support for GBCC’s work in all project areas.

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Lord Neuberger Zhou Qiang 3Rd Judicial Roundtable

UK-China Judicial Roundtable

The UK-China Judicial Dialogue is an annual initiative organised by GBCC in partnership with the UK Supreme Court and China’s Supreme People’s Court, with the aim of advancing the rule of law in China by building closer relationships and...

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Magna Carta Tour

Judicial Exchanges

GBCC works closely with the UK Supreme Court, the Royal Courts of Justice of England and Wales and the Scottish judiciary, creating important links between the Chinese and UK judiciaries at the most senior level. These links allow the UK...

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The 12Th Year Chinese Judges

Judges Training

China has been steadily building a professional judiciary since legal reform started in 1979. The Judges Law 2000 and the unified State Judicial Examination introduced in 2002 have strengthened the basic requirements and legal knowledge of...

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