Rule of Law and Business Environment

China is looking to develop a more predictable and stable legal environment, where businesses can be confident that their and others’ operations are subject to fair, consistent laws that protect their legitimate interests. GBCC works closely with Chinese partners to support these objectives, enhancing stability, sustaining economic growth, and improving the environment for UK companies and citizens operating, living and travelling in China.

GBCC also works closely with UK partners who are technically and commercially very well placed to engage with China on these developments, bolstered by the UK reputation as the home of the ‘original’ common law system adopted by countries and territories all over the world.

Our work in this area focuses on creating opportunities for the UK and UK businesses, by establishing a robust environment of legal certainty and legal enforcement. This includes removing key market access barriers, creating formal and reliable dispute resolution mechanisms, combatting overseas financial crime and other anti-corruption initiatives, as well as improving cross-border trade, the digital economy, and the application of international standards.

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Levelling the Playing Field for Businesses

As China diversifies its economy and plans a whole range of reforms to address foreign investment management, government supervision and the opening up of services, there exists an opportunity for the UK to share our experience and...

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Lord Phillips Dispute Resolution

Strengthening Enforcement & Compliance

Concerns about the enforcement of Chinese law are frequently raised by both UK and Chinese business communities and commercial legal practitioners, and targeted work on areas of mutual benefit can improve legal certainty for businesses in...

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Institutionalising Legal Cooperation

Developing the use and recognition of English law and English legal practice in China directly benefits UK prosperity, particularly in projects China undertakes in third countries on the Belt & Road, where proper provision is needed for...

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