Criminal Justice Reform

GBCC has established a track-record of successful legal cooperation projects in China since 1991, and it is our specialised, collaborative approach that has been fundamental to this success over the years. By leveraging our long-term partnerships with major legal and judicial stakeholders in China, we target specific deliverables and impact reform at the highest levels.

Such work can only progress to the extent that there is Chinese buy-in for reform, which we achieve through skilful project design and careful analysis of the Chinese environment for policy change. Our combination of knowledge exchange between academics, police, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges in Europe and China, together with empirical research by academic partners on the ground, has proved very effective in influencing national-level legislation and policies, most recently relating to procedural safeguards and the rights of detainees.

Over the years, GBCC has achieved measurable change through the increased professionalism of lawyers and judges, greater independence and accountability of law enforcement agencies, established lay visitor schemes in pre-trial detention centres, and influence over judicial interpretations which guide the implementation of the new lawyers’ law.

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Detention Centre Detainee Rights

Detainee Rights

A core tenet of GBCC’s work is the prevention and eradication of all forms of torture and ill-treatment, focusing on the rights of detainees to life, liberty, and security, the right to a fair trial, no punishment without law, as well as...

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Death Penalty Eudp

Death Penalty Reform

China has the world's highest number of executions. There is currently no time-frame for abolition but there have been, over recent years, rapid developments in both attitudes toward, and implementation of, the death penalty in China and...

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Strengthening Legal Defence Skills Police Training Chengdu Nov 2011

Strengthening Legal Defence

Criminal defence lawyers in China still encounter many difficulties at both the pre-trial and the trial stage. Amendments to legislation have strengthened the role of the defence lawyer but in practice significant issues remain. For...

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Disability Rights Project Group Work

Labour & Disability Rights

Chinese labour arbitration is non-binding, and in-company conciliation and mediation is often weak. Changes to the labour dispute resolution system have been a concern for the Chinese Party-state for many years, and in 2007 they passed new...

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Freedom Of Expression Project Jon Snow John Battle And Prof

Media Freedom & Ethics

In 1965 there were 12 television stations and 93 radio stations in mainland China; today there are many thousands of television and radio stations. The new diversity of the media landscape and the surge of social media in China have brought...

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