Since 2014, GBCC and the CCL have partnered on a number of projects covering a broad range of topics, including the legal services market in China, improving the transparency of the legislature and judiciary, the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the promotion of application of English law in international trade, the legal study of free trade zones in China, offshore bribery and dispute resolution on the Belt and Road. Projects frequently involve practising lawyers, academics and policy-makers and are aimed at influencing Chinese policy-making to advance the rule of law.

The CCL has also become a useful platform for discussions with lawyers and legal scholars from Hong Kong, which retained its common law system after reverting to Chinese rule in 1997, on how China’s predominantly civil law system and how its own common law system in Hong Kong interact, and how this interaction will unfold in future.

The CCL focuses strongly on holding international conferences and workshops, involving not only legal scholars but also Chinese policy-makers and government experts. The CCL also regularly invites legal scholars and practitioners to give lectures and hold discussions with Renmin University Law School students and faculty as part of the “Frontiers of Law” lecture series. Three senior common law jurists – Canadian Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, UK Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger, and Australian Chief Justice Robert French – all gave speeches at the CCL in the space of one year. Such lectures bring China’s next generation of lawyers and jurists face to face with expert legal thinking and cutting-edge law reforms taking place in the common law world. To date, the CCL has hosted about 30 guest speakers from common law jurisdictions to present on a wide range of topics as part of this lecture series.

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