The Great Britain-China Centre builds UK-China relationships for shared prosperity, focusing on partnerships to help develop the rule of law. For over 25 years, we have specialised in criminal law and judicial reform, and today our mission extends into political and economic dialogues, and increasingly civil and commercial law.

The GBCC model is a unique mix of practical, effective projects with high-level policy dialogues that build trust and political buy-in for reform in complex areas. We are experts in designing and delivering projects that share UK and EU legal, social and good governance best practice models, building bridges between European and Chinese teams of researchers and policy-makers.

These projects are designed as partnerships of equals, working on common goals and shared problems and opportunities to produce measurable outcomes. As a trusted partner of both sides, we are able to work in areas that can be sensitive or problematic, delivering sustainable outcomes, building long-term relationships, and facilitating policy reform.

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2009 Mo And Jack Straw At Mo J
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Criminal Justice Reform

GBCC has established a track-record of successful legal cooperation projects in China since 1991, and it is our...

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2015 Legal Services Market
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Rule of Law and Business Environment

China is looking to develop a more predictable and stable legal environment, where businesses can be confident that...

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Centre For Common Law
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Centre for Common Law

The Centre for Common Law, established in September 2014, is a cooperative joint venture between the Great Britain-China...

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