5th UK-China Judicial Roundtable

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The Great Britain-China Centre and China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) held the 5th annual UK-China Judicial Roundtable between 24 and 26 October in Shanghai, hosted by the SPC and Shanghai Higher People’s Court.

The Right Hon Lord Hodge, Justice of The Supreme Court, led the UK delegation, which included The Rt Hon Lady Justice Thirlwall DBE, Deputy Senior Presiding Judge for of the Court of Appeal; The Hon Mr Justice Robin Knowles CBE, Justice of the High Court; and Sir William Blair, former Justice of the High Court (Queen’s Bench), Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court. The Chinese delegation was headed by Justice Pei Xianding, permanent member of the SPC’s adjudication committee, and Justice Liu Xiaoyu, president of Shanghai Higher People’s Court.

The Judicial Roundtable is an annual judicial exchange mechanism initiated and facilitated by the GBCC, with support from the UK Supreme Court and the Chinese Supreme People’s Court. It is a platform for the two judiciaries to exchange opinions on issues of mutual interest and concern, and is attended by the senior members of both judiciaries.

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This year’s dialogue focused on cross-border judicial cooperation, covering topics including evidence exchange in relation to cross-border human trafficking crimes, as well as collaboration on specialist financial courts in London and Shanghai to enhance financial stability.

In his opening remarks, Justice Pei welcomed the UK delegation. He noted that the annual Judicial Roundtable exchange has helped to deepen judicial cooperation between the UK and China, and has provided a foundation for cooperation, such as the expert working group concerned with cross-border dispute resolution.

Lord Hodge thanked the hosts and congratulated them on the establishment of the Shanghai Financial Court. He stated that the UK and China share common interest in promoting cooperation and understanding between the two judiciaries, and more widely, the legal profession. In light of increasing economic cooperation and cultural exchange, judicial exchanges are beneficial to both countries.

The discussion between the two judiciaries was constructive and candid. Justice Sir Robin Knowles suggested a ‘seven-point’ proposal to provide a roadmap for cooperation, which was welcomed by the Chinese judiciary.

The delegation also visited the Shanghai Financial Court, making them the first international guests to visit the court since its establishment in August 2018. Both sides recognised that there are common interests in financial stability and financial prosperity, and the need for closer international cooperation to enable judges to keep pace with the rapid changes in financial practice. Judges also exchanged opinions on the role of financial regulators when deciding cases, and discussed example court cases. 

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A lecture was also delivered to students at Jiao Tong University, and an academic roundtable was held at East China University of Political Science and Law. These events provided opportunities for the UK delegation and Chinese students, academics and legal practitioners to discuss open justice and transparency in the criminal justice system, as well as financial technology and its legal implications.

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Please see the links below for papers delivered by Lord Hodge at Jiao Tong University and East China University of Political Science and Law.

Financial Technology: Opportunities and Challenges to Law and Regulation 

The involvement of the public in the criminal process in the United Kingdom 

Date posted: 19 December 2018

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