Corporate Governance Seminar at the NEEQ

On 17 May 2017, GBCC held a seminar on ‘AIM Regulation’ at the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) in Beijing. NEEQ is a Chinese regulator for the secondary junior market in China.

With growing numbers of Chinese companies delisting from London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM), a lack of confidence is emerging with regards to Chinese listings, and there is an increasing perception of poor corporate governance standards among Chinese firms. Earlier this year, the NEEQ expressed considerable interest and willingness to learn about the UK’s AIM regulatory framework, and the purpose of GBCC's seminar was to introduce AIM regulatory frameworks and standards to the NEEQ. The seminar also provided a platform for UK and Chinese regulators to work together to align China's code of corporate governance with international standards, with the long-term objective of helping to strengthen corporate governance in Chinese companies who are looking to list overseas.

John McLean OBE, Chair of the China City Group, was invited to present on the AIM’s regulatory framework. The seminar was well attended by NEEQ staff, who actively participated in the Q&A session to compare and contrast AIM regulation with NEEQ regulation. At the end of the seminar, Mr WU Yun, Director of the NEEQ, thanked GBCC for organising the seminar, and thanked John McLean for sharing his practical experience with the NEEQ. He welcomed this opportunity to network and cooperate with the UK’s regulator through GBCC, and to share challenges and best practice going forwards.

Date posted: 07 July 2017

Categories: Rule of Law and Business Environment

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