Oxford Conference on Constitutional Law

Bringing together some of China’s leading constitutional scholars for a two-day conference with top UK and Hong Kong academics and jurists (including a serving Lord Justice of Appeal and the former UK Supreme Court President), GBCC and partners, the University of Oxford and Renmin University, facilitated lively discussions on comparative constitutional theories of East and West. Several speakers also reflected on sensitive issues of human rights and the rule of law.

Han Dayuan and Lord Phillips CCL

Professor HAN Dayuan appoints Lord Phillips as Co-President of the Academic Advisory Council of the Centre for Common Law

The conference explored various constitutional models for restricting arbitrary government in different countries from different perspectives, including the UK, China and Hong Kong. A range of different views were aired on the evolution of China’s own constitution and the issues faced by lawyers, judges and civil society in the current political environment. The development of the UK’s body of constitutional law was illustrated in a keynote speech by Lord Phillips (the first UK Supreme Court President and former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales).

Concurrent to the conference, the Dean of Renmin University Law School, Professor HAN Dayuan, used the opportunity to appoint Lord Phillips as Co-President of the Academic Advisory Council of the Centre for Common Law – GBCC’s joint venture research centre with Oxford and Renmin Universities. Three other members were also appointed to the ten-member council: Professor Timothy Endicott, Professor ZHU Jingwen and Marina Wheeler QC.

Around 40 scholars attended the conference including prominent China commentators such as the British political economist Mr Will Hutton and Professor Rana Mitter. The Chinese delegation was led by Dean Han, who is also the president of the China Constitutional Law Association and included several of its influential members.

The Constitutional Traditions for East to West conference was held from 29-30 September 2016 at Trinity College Oxford

Date posted: 27 October 2016

Categories: Judicial Dialogues, Centre for Common Law, Rule of Law

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