Internationalisation of the Legal Services Market

On 22 March 2016, the Centre for Common Law at Renmin University of China Law School held a business-focused workshop entitled The Internationalisation of the Legal Services Market. The workshop was jointly organised by the Great Britain-China Centre, and was supported by the All-China Lawyers Association, Beijing Lawyers Association, Shenzhen Lawyers Association and the Law Society of England and Wales. It covered methods of and strategies for international cooperation in the legal profession and was attended by 30 practising lawyers.

Legal Services Workshop 2016 CCL

In the first discussion session, the audience posed questions on issues surrounding the practice of law in a foreign jurisdiction. The second session presented the views of academics and practising lawyers from different jurisdictions. The workshop featured presentations by a number of leaders from national and regional lawyers’ associations, including the Presidents of the Law Society of England and Wales and the Law Council of Australia, and a Vice-President of the All-China Lawyers Association. Law firm partners and academics also gave opinions.

Professor SHI Yan’an, the Secretary-General of the Centre for Common Law delivered the closing remarks. Referring to the introduction of the Belt and Road Initiative, he said it is clear that lawyers of different jurisdictions, nationalities and countries (including China and the UK) will increasingly work together more closely and must develop methods of collaboration in order for their businesses to prosper.

Date posted: 09 September 2016

Categories: Legal Services, Rule of Law and Business Environment, Centre for Common Law

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