Anti-Money Laundering Seminar

In collaboration with the Peking University Law School, the Great Britain-China Centre organised a high-level seminar on Anti-Money Laundering: Legislation and Practice in Beijing on 28 February 2016. Mr YU Guangyuan, who was the leader of the NPC drafting group for the Chinese Anti-Money Laundering Law (2006), gave the keynote speech.

Anti-Money Laundering 2016

The seminar provided a platform for major stakeholders in China to voice and further identify the overall problems and difficulties that China is facing in anti-money laundering legislation and practice. As the need for China to amend the current Anti-Money Laundering Law (2006) is heightened by the increasing number of money-laundering cases involving Chinese nationals or corporations at international level, this seminar was greatly valued by the Chinese government-level stakeholders in their efforts to reform anti-money laundering legislation and practice.

Along with representatives from organisations such as the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, People’s Bank of China, the Supreme People’s Court and many leading academics in the field of anti-money laundering from across China, GBCC also invited Judge Michael Hopmeier who specialises in financial crimes to offer his views on the UK’s legislation and practices in this area.

The contents of this seminar were published on the front page of China Daily, 29 February 2016, as well as several other prominent websites, such as Legal Daily. See links below:

Date posted: 08 September 2016

Categories: Rule of Law and Business Environment

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