Visit from Lady Hale, Deputy President of the UK Supreme Court

Lady Hale Visit CCL 2015 (1)

[from left] HAN Dayuan, ZHU Jingwen, WANG Liming, Lady Hale, Sir Martin Davidson, Richard Pascoe, JIANG Bing

On Thursday April 16th 2015, GBCC arranged for a visit to the Centre for Common Law by Lady Hale, Deputy President of the UK Supreme Court.

Lady Hale was visiting China in her role as Chancellor of Bristol University, and met with Executive Vice President Wang Liming of Renmin University and Professor Han Dayuan, Dean of Renmin Law School. Both sides exchanged ideas for legal education and judicial cooperation between UK and China.

Lady Hale Visit CCL 2015 (2)

Lady Hale than gave a talk at the Centre for Common Law on the topic of “Adjudicating the Right to Welfare in Britain’s Welfare State”. This talk was well attended by as many as 60 faculty staff and students, and covered the rules of entitlement, rights of appeal, and judicial review in the provision of financial benefits and services in the UK.

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In 1994 Lady Hale became a High Court judge, the first to have made her career as an academic and public servant rather than a practising barrister. Then in January 2004, Lady Hale became the UK's first female Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, following her varied career as an academic lawyer, law reformer, and judge, before becoming the first woman Justice of the Supreme Court in October 2009. When studying and teaching law, Lady Hale specialised in Family and Social Welfare law, was the founding editor of the Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, and authored a pioneering case book on "The Family, Law and Society".

Date posted: 29 April 2015

Categories: Judicial Dialogues, Centre for Common Law

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