Prevention of Torture in the PRC: from Impunity to Accountability

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From 2006-2012 GBCC conducted two successive 3-year projects funded primarily by the European Commission with additional support from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth office, both aiming to aim to prevent the use of torture by law enforcement officers in China, through raising greater awareness of and respect for China’s domestic obligations under the UN Convention against Torture and introducing practical measures to strengthen monitoring of detainees.

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Prevention of Torture in the PRC (2009-2012)

From 2009-12 GBCC worked in collaboration with the Center for Criminal Procedure and Reform (CCPR) at Renmin University, the University of Maastricht, and The Rights Practice (UK) to build on our ongoing objective for preventing torture and other forms of ill-treatment in China. Project activities included training for police trainers, with participation of over 23 colleges from over 23 provinces in China, as well as lay visitor and detention centre monitoring activities, and pilot schemes for victim complaint mechanisms, which have significantly improved the operation of detention centres.

Almost exact replicas of the lay visitor and detention centre schemes introduced in this project were subsequently adopted in September 2011 by the Ministry of Public Security, making it mandatory for monitoring activities to be instigated. The full research findings of this project were also collated, analysed and refined into a publication titled “Three Approaches to Preventing Torture in China”, which was produced in Chinese and in English and disseminated across China and the EU. This project thereby made a significant contribution to the reform of China's criminal justice system.

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Prevention of Torture in the PRC: from Impunity to Accountability (2006-2009)

From 2006-09 this project, funded by the EU and UK Foreign & Commonwealth, worked to reduce the use of torture in China by raising awareness of China's obligations under the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT) and promoting the Optional Protocol within CAT. This project focused on three core elements:

  • Documenting weaknesses in the domestic legislative and regulatory framework for the prevention of torture, particularly as it applies to arrest, detention and interrogation.
  • Delivering training for 50 senior police officers from across China on international standards, with a view to changing the culture of impunity within the police.
  • A six-month lay visitor pilot scheme, whereby GBCC worked with a regional procuratorate to devise a model to promote independent monitoring of the conditions of detention of suspects and the reporting of incidences of abuse.

Date posted: 12 November 2012

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