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The British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) provides a detailed overview of the state of funding available to researchers and students for China-related studies in the UK. The 2015 edition of the report is currently in preparation.

Click here to read the BACS report on funding for China-related Studies in the UK.

Grants and scholarships for Chinese students in Britain and British students in China 

British Academy
International Relations Department
10 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AH
tel. 020 7969-5220 British Academy offers funding opportunities for UK scholars and partners overseas to engage in international collaborative research in the humanities and social sciences. The Academy also offers support for UK scholars seeking to undertake a period of research abroad and for early career scholars from other countries seeking to undertake research in the UK. All awards are for scholars at postdoctoral level, i.e. after the award of a PhD. The Academy has no funding schemes for postgraduate students, masters students or candidates studying for other professional qualifications.

British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) 

Hon.Sec. Sarah Dauncy, Sheffield University

The British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) each year administers a fund for British undergraduates to study in Taiwan. The grants are funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education via the Education and Cultural Section of the Taipei Representative Office in London. Application forms are normally available from January for scholarships beginning in July or September of the same year. Applicants must have a reasonable command of Chinese (ab initio students are not normally eligible) and be able to pay their airfare to Taiwan. For more information please contact the BACS Secretary, above.

British Council

The British Council in China offer a range of scholarships as part of Generation UK, a campaign to encourage and support UK student mobility to China. Generation UK academic scholarships are for UK students and recent graduates who wish to study courses at mainland Chinese universities. More details about the scholarships on offer and how to apply can be found at:

Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarships for Chinese students are now administered by the Association of Commonwealth Universities on behalf of the British Foreign Office. (The British Council no longer administers the Chevening scholarships). We are currently investigating what other, if any, grant schemes the British Council now run. [2/203]

European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS)
The European Association for Chinese Studies makes available small travel grants to students wishing to travel to their biennial conference. 

European Science Foundation Asia Committee

The Asia Committee of the European Science Foundation was established in 1994 to strengthen and coordinate European research on Asia. The Committee administers a European post-doctoral fellowship scheme; organizes and funds international workshops; supports European associations for Asian studies; manages a database for Asian studies and promotes collaboration with scholars and institutions in the USA, Australia and, in particular, Asia.

The Great Britain-China Educational Trust 

The Great Britain-China Educational Trust is administered by the Great Britain-China Centre. Grants are awarded to Chinese students on examined higher education courses in the UK and British students of Chinese language. 
Chinese Student Awards 
Chinese Language Awards 

Henry Lester Trust Limited 

Mr James R. Adams
Harwood, Argos Hill
Crowborough, TN6 3QL
Tel: 01892 85 2185

The Henry Lester Trust Limited, named after Henry Lester who spent most of his life in Shanghai and who died there in 1926, is able to consider applications for a grant from those who meet the following conditions:
  • Citizenship of the People's Republic of China.
  • Studying at a United Kingdom university or research establishment at postgraduate level or higher.
  • Studying or researching in the subject areas of architecture (to include civic planning, construction management, etc), medicine, computer development, and mechanical sciences.
  • Formal written support of the applicant's professor, head of department or similar senior person.
  • The applicant will return to China.
  • The knowledge and skill obtained will be for the benefit of the people of China generally.
  • No grants are given for study or research outside the United Kingdom or for seminars or conferences.
At the current time there is no formal application form and, therefore, all applications for a grant must be made in writing to the address above. Applications must include the formal written support of the applicant's professor or head of department, full details of the course or area of research, a detailed CV, a calculation of the amount sought, and an indication of the intention to return to China in due course.

The current norm for a grant is £2,500 per annum and the calculation of the amount sought should set out details of both expected income (own/family contribution, scholarships and grants, fee waivers, etc.) and expenditure (fees, materials, travel, living expenses, etc). If the shortfall between the two figures is significantly greater than our current norm then an explanation of how this is to be covered, for instance by an application to another funding body, should be given.

Provided all the necessary information is given, applications are usually processed within 4 weeks and, if approved, the appropriate cheque, which will be payable to the university or research establishment, sent to the person supporting the application. A grant is given for one year only although a re-application, supported by the professor or head of department, may be made at the appropriate time.
Applications will only be considered on the above basis and applicants should in no way assume that an application submitted will receive a grant.

Royal Society

6 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AG
tel: 020 7839-5561
fax: 020 7925-2620


Sino-British Fellowship Trust

The Sino-British Fellowship Trust, a registered charity, provides financial support for Chinese students studying in the UK. Grants are awarded on behalf of the SBFT by the Great Britain-China Educational Trust and the Universities' China Committee. Applicants should contact these organisations directly.

SBFT also administers a discrete award, the Katherine Whitaker Bequest, for postgraduate scholars of Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Buddhism, and Chinese arts and humanities topics. Go to a page on this website for more information .

Universities' China Committee in London (UCCL)

The UCC is an important source of funding for Chinese and China scholars at post-doctoral level. For more information on the Universities' China Committee in London (UCCL) grants please
click here.

Winston Churchill Fellowships

15 Queen's Gate Terrace
London SW7 5PR
tel: 020 7584-9315
fax: 020 7581-0410 

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust awards grants to 100 British Citizens annually, from all walks of life, to carry out Travelling Fellowships overseas to the benefit of country, community and international goodwill.

W Wing Yip & Brothers Bursaries
This scheme provides financial assistance to students of Chinese origin, British and from overseas, to help them complete their studies in the United Kingdom.

More details at the Wing Yip website:

And apply via:

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