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Last Updated: 31 March 2017
11/05/2017 (18:00) Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS University of London

China Debate
Beyond Ideologies: China’s Experience in Confronting the Global Environmental Crisis

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The second largest economy and ‘the factory of the world’ China occupies a pivotal place in the global efforts to confront the environmental challenges. This takes on new currency as the current president of largest economy and the world’s only remaining superpower, Donald Trump, is sceptical of climate change and unwilling to take a leading role in the search for solutions. If all eyes are not yet on China, they may well do in the coming few years.

Focusing on China’s experience and approach, this debate seeks to use the case of China to enable us reflect on what the key issues are in confronting environment challenges, hopefully in a more pre-emptive way. No doubt some of the issues that apply in China are specific but most are common problems that any government striving to end poverty of its people through rapid development needs to confront. By discussing and debating the case of China, wider lessons can be drawn as the world looks to make sustainable development a reality rather than tolerate it as an oxymoron.

Moderator: Isabel Hilton (Chinadialogue)
Tom Burke (Co-founding Director and Chairman, E3G London Office)
Pransanjit Duara (Oscar Tang Chair of East Asian Studies, Duke University)
Shuo Li (Greenpeace, Beijing)
Jennifer Turner (Director, China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center)