UK-China Judicial Roundtable

The UK-China Judicial Dialogue is an annual initiative organised by GBCC in partnership with the UK Supreme Court and China’s Supreme People’s Court.

It's aim is to advance the rule of law in China by building closer relationships and better understanding between senior members of the UK and Chinese judiciaries. The Roundtable enables Chinese judges to learn from UK judicial practice, and provides the opportunity for senior UK judges to better understand the Chinese justice system.

The initiative was established in 2014 by GBCC with support from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The first Roundtable was held in Beijing at the Supreme People’s Court, focusing on the professionalisation of the judiciary. Subsequent Roundtables have examined judicial impartiality and the impact of the media on fair trial, as well as facilitated the establishment of joint judicial expert working groups.

Lord Neuberger Zhou Qiang 3Rd Judicial Roundtable

UK Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger with Chinese Supreme People's Court President Zhou Qiang at the 3rd UK-China Judicial Roundtable in 2016

In his opening remarks to the second Roundtable in 2015, President of the UK Supreme Court Lord Neuberger said the initiative had opened a high level and constructive channel of communication between the Chinese Supreme People’s Court and the UK Supreme Court, through which he hoped a greater understanding of the two countries judicial systems could be built.

Vice-President of the Chinese Supreme People’s Court (SPC) Jing Hanchao has said of the initiative:

“With increasingly close economic cooperation between China and the UK, mutual judicial assistance becomes necessary, and exchanges such as this are an important element of closer relations between the UK and China, particularly in identifying methods for strengthening judicial information sharing and for constructing a platform to display open justice results and deepen the sharing of judicial theory and best practice.”

For further information, see below reports from our most recent Judicial Roundtables.

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