Chinese Language Awards

Information for Applicants

The Great Britain-China Educational Trust grants awards for the study of Chinese language, normally up to £2,000 each.

The Trustees consider Language Award applications twice a year in the autumn and spring.

Call for applications opens on 11th July 2016 for the November meeting.
The deadline is Friday 23rd September 2016.
The meeting will be held on the 2nd November 2016.

The Chinese Language Awards are targeted at British students (in any subject), enroled on a postgraduate degree course which includes a taught Chinese language element. Students on courses where the language training is not built in to their degree but for whom knowledge of Chinese would aid their research, e.g. PhD courses, may also apply.  

Application forms can be downloaded from the GBCET web pages, or email  

Eligibility and information

  • Awards are for the study of any Chinese language (spoken and/or written).
  • The language instruction will normally be undertaken in Britain, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Singapore. 
  • Candidates should be of British nationality and normally resident in Britain.
  • Candidates must be postgraduate students, in any subject, in a British university. Those enroled on a postgraduate course in a PRC, Hong Kong, or Taiwanese university will be considered but preference will be given to applicants based at a British university.
  • Applicants must have started their degree and provide proof of their matriculation. Applicants whose principle degree course does not include language training as integral to the course (usually PhD courses) must also provide proof of enrolment on to a language course. 
  • No previous knowledge of Chinese is required to be eligible.  
  • If unsuccessful, after a year candidates may re-apply for the award, once only. 
  • Successful awardees cannot apply again. Awards are not renewable.  
  • Those undertaking private tuition or informal language swap arrangements.
  • Undergraduates.
  • Post doctorates.
  • Non-British nationalities.
  • Applicants with an undergraduate honours degree (single or combined) that included Chinese language as a major component of the degree. 

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that references are received by the deadline. They may arrive separately or be included with the application. We do NOT contact referees for references.
  • At least one reference should be from your supervisor or a teacher at your principle institution who knows you well. 
  • References must be either signed or be submitted on headed paper, preferably both.
  • References should not be dated more than six months before the application deadline. 
  • References written in Chinese must be on headed paper and be accompanied by a translation. 
  • References may be addressed to the "Trustees".
When you complete the form:
  • Ensure you are using the most current form. Check at the bottom of the form for reference v.2016.05.
  • Do not submit double-sided pages. Double-sided applications will be automatically rejected.
  • If completing in pen, only use black ink. But we recommend that, if possible, you do not submit hand-written applications.
  • Do not staple the form. It will be photocopied.

Submitting your application: 

  • All applicants must include matriculation documents with their application, ideally proof of fees paid. 
  • *PhDs and master students whose courses do not include Chinese language as part of their degree must provide evidence of acceptance on to their chosen language course.* 

  • You may email your application to, or send it in the post to the address below.
  • If you email the application you may submit it either in Word, or fixed formats, e.g. PDFs.
  • Please do not send in your application until after the "Call for Applications" date.
*In the case of PhDs and similar, if the applicant has yet to hear whether they have been accepted on the language course, we will accept enrolment documents after the GBCET meeting has taken place. However, grants will not be paid out until proof of enrolment has been provided, including payment of fees. We realise this could be many months later. 

Great Britain-China Educational Trust (GBCET)
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London SW1X 8PS

updated 15 May 2016