China Review

China Review

The China Review magazine aims to further knowledge of the diversity of modern China. The magazine covers a range of issues on political, economic, social and cultural developments in the People’s Republic of China. With over ten years of publishing history, the magazine benefits from a rich network of specialist contributors, whose reports from around the world inspire readers and offer expert insights into Chinese society and culture. 

This bumper Issue 50 is the last ever issue of China Review. These webpages will remain in their current format for the next few months. The old issues will remain permanently available on the website in an archive.

China: An Unpredictable Global Power by David Shambaugh

China's Emergence as a Global Power by Michael Yahuda

The End of Wild Capitalism by Peter Nolan

China's Fast Trains Inspire the World by Calum MacLeod

China's Wartime Past - and how it shaping the present by Rana Mitter

China's Immigrant Population by Frank Pieke

China and the Global Financial Crisis: Responses and Outlook by Linda Yueh

Responding to China's Rise by Carl Minzner

China and Global Media by Duncan Hewitt

Chinese Artisans by Peter Hessler