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GBCC's mission is to build trusted partnerships that advance the rule of law and shared prosperity. Our network of institutional and academic partners is essential to this work, and we could not tackle issues of common concern, share best practice, and build bridges between all sections of society without working constructively with our partners across the UK, Europe, and China.

Working with GBCC is an opportunity to immerse yourself in important strategic discussions, to engage with people and thinking at the forefront of UK and Chinese political debate, and to understand how policies are made, and by whom.

Some of GBCC’s unique qualities which our partners value include:

  • Our expertise in designing and delivering projects that share UK and EU legal, social and good governance best practice models,
  • Our unparalleled access to the major legal and judicial stakeholders in China,
  • Our strong track record for achieving measurable ‘win-win’ outcomes in China.

GBCC’s range of corporate partnerships are particularly important in developing our project work on legal certainty for business, and our annual political and economic dialogues. Our current and previous sponsors include major UK firms Prudential plc, BP, Barclays Bank, HSBC, Diageo, Standard Chartered, Rio Tinto, and Rolls-Royce. A limited number of additional corporate sponsorship opportunities are available each year for organisations looking to support our UK-China Leadership Forum and UK-China Young Leaders Roundtable, and we are always open to enquiries from interested organisations wishing to support other strands of our work.

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Our Partners

GBCC has built a wide range of relationships with government institutions, academic and non-governmental bodies in China, and in the UK and Europe we have excellent relations with key organisations, including government departments, think...

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Our Funding

Our programme work is funded by a combination of multilateral, government (both UK and EU), and private funds, charitable foundations, and voluntary giving. We work in partnership with other institutions in the UK and Europe, often in their...

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