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GBCC’s range of corporate partnerships are particularly important in developing our project work on legal certainty for business, and our annual political and economic dialogues. Our current major sponsors are Prudential plc and BP.

GBCC's programme of work offers partners an opportunity to work with leading thinkers, influential experts, and decision-makers on some of the most complex global and domestic challenges.

Work with us on:

  • Political dialogues and forums
  • Workshops and seminar series
  • High level conferences
  • Research and policy reports
  • Expert legal advisory groups
  • Bespoke specialist training
  • Multi-year project work
  • The Centre for Common Law
FTZ Policy at CCL

Supporting GBCC’s initiatives is a unique and impactful way to work effectively with China and support the rule of law; assist criminal justice reform; improving legal certainty for business; and develop dialogue between China and the UK on a range of key issues.

Our programmes offer a way to support the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 8, to promote ‘sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all’, and Goal 16, building ‘peace, justice and strong institutions’.

We welcome expressions of interest for funding activities, developing partnerships as well as expert contributions:

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Our Partners

Strong partnerships and trust are key to our work. GBCC has extensive relationships with government institutions, academic and non-governmental bodies in China and the UK. GBCC’s China project partners include: Supreme People’s Court and...

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Our Funding

Our projects are primarily funded through Official Development Assistance from the FCO, EU and bilateral donors, and through corporate sponsorship. GBCC's programme of work offers partners an opportunity to work with leading thinkers,...

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