About Us

About Us

The Great Britain-China Centre (GBCC) is a non-departmental public body established by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1974.

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Our Mission

GBCC works to strengthen the UK-China relationship by building trust and supporting dialogues between government, judiciary and policy makers on key rule of law and reform issues.

We seek to advance the rule of law in China through effective partnerships between government, influential academic experts, business and the legal sector. We support legal and policy reform efforts in China that are in line with international standards and rule of law principles.

Our Team and Board

GBCC has a small international team of experienced bilingual project managers with legal, political and development expertise in China. Their work is supported by the board of directors and a wider network of professional and academic experts both in China and the UK.

The Great Britain-China Centre is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee operating as an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), receiving an annual grant-in-aid for core operations.

While aligning our work with the FCO’s strategy for relations with China, as an arm's length body GBCC remains independent from government with our own board of directors.

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Our Board

GBCC is independently managed and governed by a board of directors with extensive experience in UK-China relations. The board is led by our chair, who is appointed by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Our work is...

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Our Team

GBCC has an international team of experienced bilingual project managers with legal, political and development expertise in China.

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Our History

Officially inaugurated on 16th July 1974 by the then foreign secretary, Jim Callaghan, the Great Britain-China Centre grew out of the Great Britain-China Committee, which had been established two years earlier. This Committee was set up...

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At the Great Britain-China Centre (GBCC), our staff work closely with Chinese and UK partners, including government departments, research institutes, universities and industry organisations to further legal and judicial cooperation and...

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