About Us

About Us

The Great Britain-China Centre was set up in 1974 by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to promote British interests in China, build UK-China relationships and influence outcomes within China’s legal environment.

Our mission is to work for shared prosperity, focusing on partnerships to help develop the rule of law. For over 25 years our primary focus has been on criminal law and judicial reform. Today, this extends into political and economic dialogues, and focuses increasingly on civil and commercial law.

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By concentrating on policy priorities for both China and the UK, GBCC designs and implements high quality partnership projects that deliver measurable results for both sides. We specialise in projects on legal and judicial development and criminal justice, sharing best practice models with Chinese experts engaged in reform. In the UK, GBCC works across government and academia to apply its expertise to a variety of collaborative initiatives. We have a strong track record of designing and managing projects for international organisations such as the European Union.

GBCC delivers this wide range of dialogues, research projects, seminars, training courses and events with the support of a small team of project staff who have all lived and worked in China and are either native or fluent Mandarin-speakers, bringing a wide range of project skills to exchange programmes with Chinese partners. Their work is supported by the Board of Directors and a wider circle of professional and academic experts both in China and the UK.

As a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, the Great Britain-China Centre operates as an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

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Board & Advisors

GBCC is independently managed and governed by a Board of Directors with extensive experience in UK-China relations, led by our Chairman, appointed by the Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs. Our work is further...

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GBCC is a fully bilingual English-Chinese operation, with several qualified legal staff who have experience working in the UK and Chinese justice systems. It is this technical expertise and cultural and political understanding that has...

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Our History

Officially inaugurated on 16th July 1974 by the then Foreign Secretary, Jim Callaghan, the Great Britain-China Centre grew out of the Great Britain-China Committee, established two years earlier. This Committee was set up under the auspices...

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At GBCC, our staff work closely with Chinese partners, including government departments, universities and research centres, on projects to further legal and judicial cooperation, gaining experience and developing skills in international...

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